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Lying Beliefs Blog

Do you realize what we fear most in life is OUR-SELVES!

And do you know why we have such an extreme fear of our-selves? Well, because we have yet to comprehend how to control our-selves. And do you know why we fail to grasp how to control our-selves? Well, the answer is quite simple: because we ‘believe’ that our-SELVES represent who ‘WE’ are!

When you realize that ‘You’ and your ‘Self’ are not one in the same, only then when you place your ‘Self’ on trial and find your ‘Self’ guilty of perjury! Hence, whether we know this or not, our ‘Self’, which is a man-made concept, has stolen our identity and is falsely impersonating ‘Us.’

Therefore, for the sake of your happiness, do not spend the rest of your life fearing to question a man-made concept of who you ‘think’ you are.

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