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Have you ever heard of the expression: “Your eyes are the windows to the Soul?”

Well, what if this statement was more than just a cliché?

Your body is a miraculous temple that houses not ‘your’ soul–but ‘YOU!’ And the eyes that are associated with this miraculous vessel that we call a body are truly the windows that allow ‘YOU’ to observe the outside world. Whether you believe this or not; YOU are the observer, YOU are the awareness, and YOU are the preceiver!

Therefore we do not perceive the outside world with our eyes, we perceive the outside world with our minds. Which means our eyes are similar to a GUI, (Graphic User Interface), that are connected to the main computer–our brain! Therefore, our brains despite popular ‘presumption’ do not possess a ‘conscious mind’; our brains are only equipped with a ‘self’ controlling subconscious mind.

Our brain/subconscious mind contains and ‘projects’ the ‘conditioned’ concepts that manifest our outside world, that we as the ‘Soul’ or the conscious observer, perceives through our eyes, which are the windows to the “Soul of Who We Are!”

We human beings constantly struggle with discovering what is true, because we are frequently fed metaphors that are irrational, which makes what is supposedly true difficult to digest. And the only reason we believe that we ‘have’ a soul versus being the ‘Soul’; is because the idea of being a “Living Soul” is not religiously ‘drilled’ into our psyche.

Please know that I do not consider myself to be a Spiritual Guru, a Spiritual Master, or even a Spiritual Teacher. I am simply a Spiritual ‘Realist’ and from my ‘realistic’ perspective, El ‘Sol’ (God’s Sun); the “Nuclear Energy” of this Universe, which ‘defines’ and ‘manifests’ our energy is why we are all one and connected to this Universe and why we are all deemed to be Living Souls (Sols).

As it relates to us being “Living Souls”, I do not oblige any mystical metaphors or religious concepts; which means my definition of the soul is based upon rationale.

Therefore to me the ‘SOUL’ is life, consciousness, and the light; which all stems from “Father Sun” the “Holy Spirit” that lights up our sky and grants us our lively existence and this to me explains why we are all considered to be children of God’s only Sun!

Thus, we are ALL the ‘Sun’ of God that exist in the physical form of human. Now to me this seems quite rational; however I know for many this may make no sense at all, because this level of thinking is not perceived as “Common Sense.”

Nevertheless, if there is one thing that I do know for certain; that is beyond God’s Sun there is indeed an immense energy that no one can define nor ‘describe’; therefore my question is this:

Why do we choose to believe, by way of religion, that Man has ‘undoubtedly’ proven ‘Who’ defines this divine Universe; when Man him-SELF has yet to discover ‘Who’ he really is????

I guess what I am really trying to say is this; although having ‘Faith’ that there’s an unseen powerful, immeasurable, and ‘unimaginable’ force of energy that represents this entire Universe is one thing. However, having ‘Faith’ that we know for a fact the ‘Name’ and ‘Gender’ of this sacred source of energy is an entirely different story!

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