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Allow me to ask you a question:

Do you believe a ceremony could be performed, between Christianity and Science, whereas we would be willing to say ‘I DO’ to both Christianity and Science?

Well, here’s how I have married (Christianity and Creation) with (Science and Evolution).

Christianity and Creation:

Well ‘I DO’ agree that life is an intangible miracle that is created by this divine Universe. However, I do not feel that life itself is a ‘form’ of evolution. Considering, ‘there is nothing physical about life’; which means in theory, life can’t evolve. Since, life is static, life is unchangeable and life is everlasting!

Life is actually the ‘sacred energy’ that is ‘created’ to animate our physical form, which means there is no such thing as “physical energy.”

Science and Evolution:

Well ‘I DO’ agree that the human form, “which contains life”, has evolved.

The human form, as it is compared to other physical forms of life on this planet, is the most ‘evolved’ and ‘sophisticated’ organism ever designed. And it is the human brain, or subconscious mind if you will, that exemplifies the ‘sophisticated evolution’ of the human structure. Hence, the human brain is what makes us human beings an advanced or ‘evolved physical form’ of sacred life.

Oh, and let’s not forget to address the argument that some scientists have in regards to the Christian concept of a living soul.

Well, believe it or not—Science and Christianity, minus the Christian God concept can coexist.

See, whether science realizes this or not, via their exploration of “God’s Sun” they have inadvertently proven that we are all “living souls/sols”, considering our lives are all contingent upon the ‘Soul/Sol of this Universe’ or in other words—”Solar energy from God’s Sun!”

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