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I was recently having a general conversation with a friend and we some how stumbled upon the topic of being ‘conscious’ of the moment. Now, the only reason why I am sharing our conversation with you is because his perspective of being conscious ‘OF’ the moment is a perspective that I believe most of humanity shares.

Here’s pretty much how the conversation unfolded:

Do you know what I am so sick and tired of hearing are these ‘self’ proclaimed Spiritual Gurus talking about being conscious of the moment and referring to humanity as being “unconscious!”

Considering, as I speak to you right now I am fully conscious of our conversation, I am completely aware of what’s happening around me. And I am also clearly aware of what I am going to be doing even after our conversation ends.

So, I ask you, considering that I am fully ‘awake’ and mindful of this very moment how in the hell can I be ‘UNCONSCIOUS!’

Despite what most Spiritual Gurus proclaim, I completely agree with you! Considering, there is not one human being, (technically speaking), that lives an ‘unconscious’ life. However, what I do know for certain is that every human being primarily lives a ‘subconscious’ life!

“What do you exactly mean when you say that we all live a ‘subconscious’ life?”

What I mean is everything that you perceive at this very moment is perceived from your ‘subconscious’ programming. In other words, what you are really aware of in this very moment is nothing more than a “reflection of your conditioned subconscious perception.” Therefore, in this very moment, everything that you perceive around you is really a reflection of the ‘conditioned concepts’ that your mind make you see!


Tell me how often are ‘you’ aware of your own presence?

What do you mean?

How often are you actually aware of your ‘physical’ existence? Meaning, how frequently do you ‘feel’ your presence ‘being’ connected with the moment. Also, how often are you completely in tune with the presence of life as it manifest itself in the moment?

I then further asked my friend the following simple questions:

How often are you ‘fully’ aware of the ‘physical’ task or activities that you often perform such as; brushing your teeth, taking a shower, washing your car, cleaning your house, or simply eating and ‘breathing’; do any of these simple ‘physical’ activities ever have your ‘undivided’ attention?

What’s the Point! It is totally ridiculous to lend my ‘attention’ to mundane activities that are so pointless!

See that is my point exactly!

By ‘believing’ that you do not need to lend your attention to the ‘simple’ or seemingly mundane things that you perform on a daily basis is the main reason why we human beings do not experience peace. Whether we realize this or not, through being completely ‘unaware’ of our own presence is the very reason why we all live a ‘pointless’ life.

See, if you are not ‘fully’ aware of your own presence during every given moment, then this means that the “self-destructive” data that exist in your mind always has your undivided attention. Now, when we constantly lend our attention to the ‘uncomfortable’ experiences that once defined our past; what we are actually doing is recalling these past experiences into the present moment, which in turn recreates old horrible ‘feelings’ that we once experienced in the past and then makes us ‘relive’ these bothersome feelings in the moment. Which truly confirms the following: “Only where your attention lives most determines how you feel!”

See, the whole benefit or purpose of being ‘fully’ aware of your presence is simply ‘PEACE!’

Because when your presence has your ‘undivided’ attention, then nothing else matters. Meaning, if your presence has your ‘undivided’ attention; then ‘no part’ of your attention is granted to the disturbing chaos of the past or presumed future which lives only within your mind.

Thus, ‘Being’ conscious of your own presence and ‘Being’ one with every moment is the state of simply ‘BEING!’ And when you ‘enter’ into this surreal state of simply ‘Being’, you are no longer interested in being ‘one’ with the concept of your ‘Self!’ Because when your awareness is completely connected to the moment, you have then ‘exited’ your mind. And when you are free from your mind and your attention is fastened to what you are doing in the moment; the moment instantly becomes vivid. In other words— life itself suddenly becomes “Crystal Clear!”

Also when you encounter the state of simply ‘Being’; you then finally experience the sensation of ‘Being Whole!’ Hence, when ‘you’ are free from your ‘self’ you encounter true peace and not just a “peace of mind”; but more so a sense of peace— from Being ‘OUT’ of your mind!”

“I HATE YOU!” — LOL Just kidding. 🙂