About the Author…
Maurice Johnson

Maurice is an International’ Award Winning Author and ‘New World’ Philosopher with the primary purpose of assisting his fellow souls towards divinity. He is inspired towards re-cultivating the current scenery of the human psyche in order to improve the spiritual landscape of our world. Maurice’s motivation is based upon helping people become better human beings, through discovering what better defines us.

Maurice states that he is a humble soul who was born in Buffalo, NY on April 26, 1965 and has been married to the same lovely woman for approximately 18 years and they have beautiful twin boys that fill their lives with joy.

Maurice is not associated with any religion. However, despite his lack of involvement with any religious doctrine, he has always had a tremendous sense of someone or more so ‘something’ within him.

Maurice indicates as far back as he can remember he has always been in pursuit of a better sense of what defines him.  Therefore, he would only feast off of information that fed and nurtured his true essence. And the variety of information he selectively digested was not limited to any specific genre, concept, or idea.

Maurice proclaims to be more of an enigma, considering he is not an avid reader and he has never had aspirations to become a writer. Hence, he was inspired to write, solely based upon a deeper sense of knowing what truly defines him. And as many of us live our lives in pursuit of academic degrees in order to achieve a higher level of learning, Maurice on the other hand, have simply been in the pursuit of obtaining a higher degree of knowing.

Then on February 6, 2012, he plugged into the sacred truth in terms of what naturally defines him and on this date he uncovered that his man-made sense of self is a false representation of his true nature.

Therefore, his sole (soul) goal is to share his conscious experience with humanity—with the intention of freeing as many of his sibling souls as he possibly can from their man-made sense of self. Maurice considers that it is primarily our conditioned man-made perception of who we think we are that is responsible for our human suffering.