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Lying Beliefs Blog


I have a very profound question to ask, and it is based upon a conflict of what we have been ‘conditioned’ to believe.

On one hand we are taught to believe that we are ALL God’s children and on the other hand we are conditioned to believe that God ‘only’ has ONE Son! So, which is it????

Meaning, if we choose to ‘believe’ in the notion that God only ‘lives’ inside ONE individual; then what represents our true nature? In other words, what is our true relationship with this Universe?

And there is something else that I find quite interesting. We all know, that no one knows who or what is ‘specifically’ responsible for the creation of this Universe; but yet we spend our entire lives worshiping different ‘religious ideas’ of this Universe/God as if each one represents the truth. The ultimate question is why? Why do we human beings really feel the need to believe in such things?

It’s really astonishing, how ‘one’ mind consuming belief, can either ‘make’ us or ‘break’ us!

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