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Lying Beliefs Blog

Earlier today there was a post in reference to ‘life’; especially as it relates to the “Mystery of Life.” And I know we human beings are conditioned to believe that life will always be a mystery and a mystery that will never be revealed. However, I just happen to be a soul who chooses to believe otherwise.

See, the main reason we human beings fail to comprehend the mystery of life, is because we neglect to realize that we ‘exemplify’ this mystery.

Meaning: Are ‘We’ only human or are ‘We’ only ‘Life?’

Now, I know based upon some of the mindless things we human beings tend to do in life, we often use the following excuse, to excuse us from our human behavior:

Well, I am ‘only’ human!

Well, are we really only human, or are we technically the ‘energy’ of ‘conscious’ life?

What if I were to tell you, that ‘YOU’ don’t have a life because in reality ‘YOU’ are ‘LIFE!’

Life has always been considered an enigma; so I ask you, are ‘we’ the true mystery of life?

Once we uncover the divine nature of whom we are, we will concurrently reveal the ‘eternal’ mystery of life. In other words, once you discover the true you, life will no longer be a secret. Once you tap into this level of knowing, you will understand that we are simply the divine energy of conscious life, experiencing other unique forms of life.

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