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For those of us who believe in the idea of a soul; we believe that the soul is essentially separate from who we are. However, there are some of us who believe that the soul does represent a small ‘part’ of who they are. Yet, there are only a few of us who believe that it is the ‘soul’ that completely exemplifies who we are.

So, with this being said let me ask you a very profound question:

If you are someone who believes in Heaven; then your main concern is making sure that ‘your’ soul is granted access into Heaven.

Well, I ask ‘you’, let’s say that ‘YOUR’ soul does make it into Heaven, the profound question is where in the ‘hell’ does that leave YOU????

If ‘you’ believe that ‘your’ soul does not ‘WHOLLY’ define you; then you are simply left with asking your ‘self’—–who in the hell “AM I?”

Here’s the truth Jesus, Allah, Jehovah, etc…. there is absolutely no man-made idea of this Universe that can save ‘you’ from your ‘self’ as long as you continue to believe that your SELF is indeed who YOU are!

See, when we sit back and envision the idea of being in Heaven, there is only one ‘entity’ that we see there and that ‘SELF-image’ is only of our-SELVES.

In other words; we are only able see the ‘ingrained’ man-made concepts that represent who we ‘think’ we are.

Here’s is what I find interesting:

For those who believe in the ‘idea’ of Heaven, they perceive this place as paradise; whereas each and everyday will exude glory and there will be a world fill with peace, love, and harmony. There will also be no hatred, sadness, or violence and for the rest of eternity their lives will ‘AUTOMATICALLY’ be filled with happiness and joy.

For the sake of entertainment let’s say that Heaven actually does exist. Well, let me tell you if we all enter into Heaven with our ‘selves’, by way of still honoring the idea of who we ‘think’ we are; then just as we ‘believe’ that we are experiencing Hell on Earth, we will most certainly experience Hell in Heaven!

Well here is the wake up call, ‘Heaven’ is not something that is achieved ‘automatically.’ Hence, if you do not put forth a ‘conscious’ effort toward being happy, then you will ‘automatically’ experience the opposite which is Hell, because that’s all our minds have been conditioned to know.

In my humble opinion the man-made idea of Heaven and Hell are nothing more than metaphors for a state of MIND or a state of ‘Being’ and not a state or place of ‘existence!’

However, outside of my opinion there are millions of people who sincerely believe ‘wholeheartedly’ that there is indeed a place called Heaven and because they sincerely believe in this man-made concept they will occasionally have an esoteric experience that will make them believe that this place is actually real.

But, what we human beings fail to realize is that the mind is the true master of all illusions!