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As a Christian are you worshipping God or the Devil?

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Lying Beliefs Blog

I must admit it is rather annoying when someone ask if you believe in God and if your response does not mirror their subconscious belief of this Universe, then they automatically assume that you are an Atheist.

Hence, when I tell a religious believer who is a fundamentalist that I sense the idea of God to be an indescribable universal ‘conscious’ energy that exist in all forms of life, their response is typically—so then you’re an Atheist?

This presumption is always fascinating to me; because what I’m hearing is–if I do not believe that this Universe is defined by a specific ‘Man’, then I believe in the idea of a Devil.

Well, here is the irony; do you realize if you are a Religious Fundamentalist; then you are more of an Atheist than I am and here’s why:

As a religious fundamentalist, you are less empowered as a soul, because you live more for the story, than you do for the scripture. And let’s face it, as a fundamental religious believer you do NOT love the scripture, as much as you live in FEAR of the story.

See, the love of Jesus lives only in the scripture and not in the story. Which means, the SPIRITUAL scripture of Jesus was truly written to EMPOWER Every Soul. However, the RELIGIOUS story that is preached by Man is spoken to do just the opposite.

So here’s why if you are a Christian Fundamentalist and you live MORE for the story, than you do for the scripture, why you are actually worshipping the idea of a Devil:

Thus, there is no part of the Christian story that reflects the DIVINE nature of a Supreme Being; considering the story depicts a very insecure MAN suffering from a severe case of inferiority. A MAN who has such a low self-esteem that they demand to be worshipped in order to feel valued. A MAN who lacks strength; therefore he needs YOU to FEAR Him in order to feel empowered.
Therefore, if you proclaim to be a “God-FEARING” Christian; then you need to realize that you do not truly live in fear of God—you actually live in fear of the Devil!

So, we all need to recognize that because we are all programmed to live in FEAR is the ONLY reason why we are now living in HELL.

As Jesus once said:
“Religion makes MAN ignorant to the truth!”