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Lying Beliefs Blog

Please know I did not post this to incite outrage or anger. I am posting this to incite only understanding.

As a Human-BEING, there is not one specific human body that a “conscious Being” is born into that grants that living soul any special privileges.

It’s the Egoist societies which govern this world that have placed a “selfish” precedence on the different human forms that ‘we’ wear. Believing that a human being is born with more rights and benefits than another, based upon the tone of one’s skin is not a Universal Law—-it’s a Man-Made Law!

It is only the Laws of Man, which have been embedded into our minds, that determines what we ‘see’ and believe to be true.

As a “conscious soul” I have come to know that our journey, while here on earth, is nothing more than a “conscious experience”, and the internal ‘soul’ that represents the ‘life’ of every human being is born with ONE ‘sacred’ privilege.

This beautiful planet that we reside on is meant to be ‘shared’ and not conquered. However, based upon humanity’s current man-made perception, we have all been conditioned and ‘controlled’ to think otherwise.

What we lost ‘souls’ fail to understand is one very important thing and that is there is only one thing that grants us dominion over all other forms of life. Thus, unlike any other species ever to exist on this glorious planet our ‘greatest’ privilege is having the ability to experience and ‘feel’ the most sacred emotion to fill this Universe; which is Love!

However, we human beings have been ‘stripped’ of our divine privilege because we have chosen to live by man-made laws and beliefs that creates a reality of Fear and Hate.