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“I” feel lost inside “myself!” Please know that there is no truer statement than this!

The ‘self’ is a society assigned concept that represents your physical appearance, your race, ethnicity, nationality, culture, etc… which are nothing more than ‘artificial’ labels or man-made ideas that are used to differentiate us human beings.

However, the “I’ which represents “you” was never born to be a man-made ‘concept’; although, during your inaugural ‘conception’ you did arrive here as the ‘Energy of Love!’ Therefore, ‘love’ is the only ‘authentic’ label that defines any human being.

See, your ‘self’ identity lives only in one place and one place only, and that is within your mind. And because ‘your attention’ primarily lives in disarray within your mind, ‘you’ find the essence of who you are ‘lost’ inside your ‘self.’

Until you awaken to realize that the authentic ‘you’ did not arrive here as a concept, you will forever be trapped within the man-made concepts that only define an artificial and ‘self’ controlling idea that you have been conditioned to believe is ‘YOU!’

Despite what we have been conditioned to believe; our ‘painstaking’ objective here on Earth is not to ‘save’ our ‘selves’ because our ‘selves’ are already free!

Which means: ‘YOU’ will only be ‘free’, when ‘you’ come to ultimately realize that ‘you’ and your ‘self’ are not one in the same! And by virtue of this knowing; ‘you’ will then ‘save’ who ‘you’ truly are from your ‘self.’

Detaching ‘your attention’ from the man-idea of who you ‘think’ you are is true freedom!

Thus, when ‘your awareness’ expands to break free from the man-made ‘shackles’ or concepts that bound ‘you’ to your ‘self’—then the essence of who ‘you’ are is indeed “Born Again!”

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