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Lying Beliefs Blog

Man has redefined the sacred meaning of life, which is to simply live and love; into a material game, whereas each human being must challenge each other to the end.

The rules are very simple; show your opponent no love, because we have been taught to believe that any display of your true nature, which is love, is a true sign of weakness. The primary goal in order to reach ‘material’ success in man’s selfish game called life is to be self-serving and use whomever you must in order to achieve your ‘self-ish’ goal! However, this selfish mission means that “It is very LONELY at the top!”

Even men like Donald Trump, who is a ‘self’-proclaimed winner, is really far from it. What we human beings fail to realize is that it takes far more than a billion dollars to make someone a true winner.

I have personally known plenty of ‘materially’ poor people in my life; however please know when I say poor, I am not referring to being spiritually bankrupt. I have had the pleasure of knowing plenty of people who are extremely selfless, caring, giving, and who have a true love and respect for others. This my friends is a true definition of a WINNER!

The value of a true winner is displayed by their integrity, confidence, modesty, kindness, and compassion and not by their ‘SELF’ Worth! Hence, even the most financially stable person in the world can be the ‘Biggest Loser!’

Please know is this material game that man has constructed called life, each human participant is being played as a pawn; which means in the end there are no winners.