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Lying Beliefs Blog

I sense that there may be some things that I post that really challenges one’s ego; however please know that this has to be done. The whole purpose if this blog is to assist us with realizing that there is a very distinct difference between who we are and who we ‘think’ we are. In other words; the ultimate goal of this blog is to reveal that ‘You’ and your ‘Self’ are not one in the same.

Although I know, until we discover who we really are; we will never let our ‘selves’ go. However, my purpose is to unveil our man-made ‘self’ and expose it for what it is. In other words; once our Egos have been forced to the surface and exposed, we will be more equipped to find an antidote to eradicate this ‘selfish’ man-made monster.

And once the light of ‘conscious truth’ shines upon ‘us’; we will finally see that we are all born to be free!!!!

Which means; the ‘soul’ of who we are, was born to be free and Thy ‘Self’ is who we have been ‘conditioned’ to be.

So I ask you; don’t you think that It’s time that we make an escape and “break free” from the shackles of our man-made mind?

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