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Lying Beliefs Blog

Do you ever wonder why you seem to be ‘haunted’ only by the past experiences that made you feel ‘horrible’ and you are never bothered by the past experiences that were pleasurable?

Well here is what I have come to realize; the only reason why we are not haunted by the pleasurable moments of the past is because these moments are ‘congruent’ with our true nature; therefore they do not require our attention, considering they do not require to be changed. Simply because they meet the requirement as to how we want to feel!

However, any previous moment that resulted in a bad or miserable experience constantly attacks us. These moments are relentless and they persistently demand our attention and the overwhelming question is WHY?????? Why do we choose to welcome and hang on to these destructive experiences that we should let go?

Here’s why:

There’s an ‘innate’ part of who we are that truly wants to change these ‘unpleasant’ moments. Meaning, the soul of who we are wants to ‘desperately’ fix or repair a broken moment in time. In truth we yearn to rewrite this bad story in order to recreate a happy ending. This is indeed why we are so drawn and attracted to these horrible past experiences.
Therefore, our minds constantly interrupts us with these disturbing moments, by grasping our awareness and forcing us to “pay attention” to these depressing moments in hopes that we can determine how to change the way these moments made us feel. And as we fight to rewrite our past—the struggle becomes intensely real!

Although we cannot rewrite what has already been etched in stone; we do have the power to write a brand new love story at this ‘very moment.’ Which means our POWER rest only in the presence of NOW!

So, with this being said, your mind will continue to force these miserable moments upon you, until ‘YOU’ decide to “Change the Pain!”

Meaning, your mind will continue to attack you with these crippling moments until YOU make a conscious effort to change ‘your mind’ in this “Brand NEW moment” to ‘CHANGE’ how you feel about any past experience that prevents you from moving forward. And the very moment you choose to accept a bothersome past experience for what it was, and you decide to show ‘indifference’ toward it; then you have in turn rewrote this past experience simply by changing how you feel about it.

And the very moment you perceive any bad experience in a ‘congruent’ manner, this experience has no choice but to let you go. See, our power rest only in our ‘present’ perception and if you begin to perceive a previous moment in a pleasant manner—-then it will never haunt you again!