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CHAPTER: The Heart’s Sole (Sol) Purpose (Book Excerpt)

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Lying Beliefs Blog

Why do we choose to feel bad if we are created to feel Divine?

The emotional hurricanes we human beings experience in life are only linked to our beliefs. And since we do not possess coherent control of where our thoughts dwell, we are not capable of controlling our emotions.

We may think we act upon our true feelings, but this is only based upon what we have been conditioned to believe. We are seldom inspired to act upon how we really feel. In other words, we rarely do what we feel is right, because we often do what we ‘subconsciously think’ is right. And subconscious communication will always leave us with a sense of anxiety, as it compares to not being conscious of the truth.

Intuition from this Universe is presented in the essence of a strong congruent feeling. And a congruent feeling is a feeling that creates harmony within our human form. Therefore, any feeling that clash with harmony should be deemed as an incongruent emotion.
Now, intuition from the Universe is a feeling that is always granted to us between our lower chest and our diaphragm, which we ordinarily refer to as a “gut feeling”. Another name for this enlightening internal location is ironically called the “Solar Plexus”.

This heartfelt feeling is a universal impulse to do what is right. However, since the melody within our subconscious mind proceeds to play the same old songs we continue to dance through life all wrong.

Since we mainly identify with the man-made doctrine that is embedded within our subconscious mind we tend to experience subconscious emotions. A subconscious mind that is empty of a conscious loving heart is not designed to provide us with a true loving feeling.

Therefore, a subconscious mind that is without a lucid heart, can only supply the human form with Emotions that are filled with distress such as; Hate, Fear, Greed, Envy, Jealousy, Worry, etc. Do any of these subconscious emotions feel familiar?