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Lying Beliefs Blog

Having faith that there is an omnipotent source of energy that exist and represents this Universe is one thing; but believing we know exactly who and what it is another….

Having faith that you have the ability to achieve whatever your heart desires is true; however within reason. Meaning; you can have faith and believe all you want that you have the ability to fly; however let’s be ‘real’, you will never be able to ‘physically’ take flight within this realm of reality.

Although, here is where your mind comes in to play. By way of your imagination, your mind is able to create the illusion that you can fly. Hence, our dreams that often ‘feel real’ are nothing more than illusions that our minds make us experience in such a way that they seem realistic. Therefore, whether we realize this or not we spend our entire lives dreaming!

What I am about to say I know that we human beings are ‘blind’ to, because it is a part of everyday behavior. Our robotic behavior is so automatic and so redundant that it feels natural; however every second of our day we are “Day Dreaming”, because every second of our day our awareness is trapped within our minds!

We are all born as rational Souls, and although no one can rationally explain the creation of this Universe and who and what defines it; there is a rational sensation that something does exist out there.

However, “Day Dreaming” about man’s religious idea of this Universe; although ‘He’ feels real, is really nothing more than a mind-made illusion. The mind is designed to ensure that you experience what you imagine and it does a miraculous job at making sure it paints a ‘real life’ portrait of your imagination.

What we do not realize, is this Universe adheres only to our heartfelt desires; but does not adhere to any man-made names. Meaning; we can continue to address this Universe by any name we choose; but please rest assured, the name we choose to assign to this Universe is irrelevant. However, this Universe will respond to our prayer request, based upon the emotional feeling that we insert into this Universe and the Universe will in turn honor the heartfelt energy that it has received. Thus, here’s the caveat; you will only interpret the message that has been bestowed upon you from this Universe solely based upon what you believe!

Therefore, as it relates to having “Blind Faith”; well having this sort of ‘Faith’ in man’s religious idea of this Universe–only ‘Blinds’ you from the universal truth!

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