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Lying Beliefs Blog

I do what I do; simply because the Nightly News drives me insane!

In light of recent events pertaining to the horrible and ‘senseless’ News Reporter and Cameraman shooting; I have one haunting question–WHY????????

What defines insanity?

Trust me regardless of what we ‘think’ insanity has nothing to do with the state of one’s mind; insanity is based upon the state of one’s ‘Awareness.’

What I find interesting is that when someone seems to go insane we tend to believe that this is the result of an individual who has “lost their mind.” However the irony is, when a human being snaps and goes “crazy” their mind is far from being lost. This is not the outcome of a soul who has lost his mind; this is the byproduct of a soul whose ‘awareness’ has been ‘completely lost’ within the ‘dark beliefs’ that lives within his mind.

Depression is synonymous to ‘you’ drowning in a sea of disturbing beliefs that ‘fill’ your mind.

Depression is ‘engrossing’, it’s like having your awareness in a “head-lock.” Depression is like a War¬—you either win or you ‘die’ trying.

The only way you can emerge from the depths of depression is to ‘free your attention’ from your mind’s grip; which means you must “Let Go” of the ‘self-description’ that you think defines you!

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