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Allow me to ask you a question: Do you think we should explore the possibility that there may be something more ‘substantial’ to who we are than what we have been conditioned to believe?

What’s interesting is most human beings will reply with the following: Well if this something that is supposedly more substantial is ‘not’ tangible; then how can it be real?

Most of humanity thinks the pursuit for the unknown or the quest for something that we cannot physically see is a ludicrous and impossible task. Therefore, we are willing to accept life for what it is and will continue to believe that there is no hope for this world that we currently live in.

Well, this is where someone like myself steps up to the plate a swings for the fence.

In my opinion we should all closely examine the following crucial questions as they relate to the intangible nature of consciousness:

Do we really have a conscious mind? Or is consciousness more than just a mind? Beyond what we physically see are we indeed the consciousness?

See, what I find intriguing and also ironic is, as it pertains to our religious beliefs, we wholeheartedly believe in the ‘unseen’ as it relates to the divine energy of God. And we also further believe that we are all God’s children. So, if we believe that we are the direct offspring of a divine ‘unseen’ energy that we refer to as God—then why do we struggle with believing that the ‘unseen’ may also apply to us?

Allow me to ask you two meaningful questions:

1. Are we able to ‘bear witness’ to our consciousness?
2. Are we capable of ‘seeing’ our thoughts?

Of course the only answer to both these critical questions is NO!

So with this in mind, based upon our acknowledgment of physical or material objects, I am sure it is safe to say that WE are the ‘conscious observer’, as well as, the ‘prime producer of thought’, which are both a mysterious and an undiscovered phenomenon.

Therefore, if we are deemed as the conscious observer, as well as, the producer of ‘untouchable’ thought then shouldn’t we at least entertain the possibility that we are the ‘unseen’ force behind both these mystifying phenomena?

In other words, it seems to be practical that only an ‘unseen energy’ would have the capability of generating the ‘untouchable energy(s)’ of consciousness and thought.

See, we have been conditioned to believe that consciousness is only based upon one’s awareness; therefore since we are ‘unaware’ that the real nature of consciousness is really defined by ‘energy’, we lack the necessary “conscious energy” of knowing what actually defines us.

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