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Lying Beliefs Blog

Question for you all: Do ‘you’ realize that our ‘selves’ are the ‘defenders’ of our man-made reality?

Here’s an animated analogy of what I mean:

The moment we quote, unquote “snap”; this is the very moment in which our Self/Ego has been summoned to defend us. As if to say; “Alright I am going to need ‘You’ to step back for a moment, as I handle this issue.

Now as your ‘Self’ is communicating on ‘Your’ behalf ‘It’ has concurrently created a major mess of the current situation. So, now after your ‘Self’ has blown things completely out of proportion, ‘It’ then allows ‘You’ to reenter back into the present realm of reality.

Now as your ‘Self’ releases ‘you’ back into the moment; you now ‘sense’ and become cognizant of the damage that has been made and ‘You’ immediately ask your ‘Self’; OMG what have “I” done???

However in reality, the true nature of who ‘You’ are had absolutely nothing to do with this disastrous situation; hence, it is only one’s ‘Ego’ that is capable of such ‘Self’ destruction!

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