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I want you to know that I completely understand how extremely difficult it is ‘NOT’ to believe that what we ‘physically’ see in the mirror does not reflect who we are. In other words, I know that it’s nearly impossible to comprehend that if what I see is not me; then what defines the image that I see.

Please note our human forms, although they do not authentically define us, are not an illusion; they are indeed real! However, our human forms are merely vessels, temples, divinely designed machines, etc… that contains the ‘sacred energy’ of who we are; which is the energy of “conscious life.”

We human beings are the youngest ‘forms of conscious life’ to exist on this planet, which may explain our childlike behavior. But, eventually we must mature into deciphering that there is a distinct difference between ‘evolution’ and ‘creation’.

Thus, our human forms are a biological ‘evolution’ of physical matter and the soul of who we are is the ‘everlasting’ energy of divine ‘creation’ that lives within our biological forms.

However, we must also realize, although there is a unique difference between biological evolution and the creation of life; they do depend upon each other. Meaning; the ‘creation of conscious life’ that lives within our human forms is what forms our physical reality!

This Magnificent Conscious Universe is constantly evolving and we human ‘Beings’ are the most recent evolution of this Divine Universe in the flesh. Which means; the ‘consciousness’ of this Universe has evolved into the unique and amazing form of human. Hence, we are all ‘united’ by way of the ‘Unified Field’ of conscious energy.

Although I know what has just been stated my sound bizarre to many; however at this very moment I want you to attempt to pause all thought. Meaning I want you step outside of your subconscious mind, through temporarily escaping from what you have been conditioned to believe to be true. Now, I want you to venture into the present moment and wrap your awareness around the following statement:

Do you truly believe that our human forms are so rare and so special that they possess the power to create the mystical energy of Universal life? Or do you ‘sense’ that this “Miraculous Universe” manifests the “The Miracle of Life” through our human forms?

We must come to realize that the ‘Energy of Life’ is what defines everything and that ‘Life’ is not some-‘thing’ that should be conquered!

See, what I find mind blowing is how we have been conditioned to perceive life on this beautiful planet as this obstacle or thing that is out to get us; versus realizing that the sacred energy of life is ‘US!!!!’

We human beings must ultimately understand that the beauty of life is what defines us all. And the “Afterlife” can only be experienced; ‘After’ we stop believing in Man’s awful idea of life.

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