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Lying Beliefs Blog

In truth, we do not really see life with our eyes; considering we perceive life through our minds. Therefore, seeing isn’t believing; seeing is “deceiving”; considering for the most part, what we see is based upon an ambiguous man-made reality.

Therefore, the truth is not defined by what we see; but how it makes us ‘FEEL!’ In other words; the truth presents itself as a ‘feeling’ of resounding congruence!

And the irony is, the truth does not actually ‘hurt’ “YOU”; it only hurts your “EGO!” Only our egos are comforted by a lie.

However, when one experiences the truth, only then do they realize that there is no ‘better feeling.’

Hence, there is nothing more ‘comforting’ than the truth, because it provides you with the feelings of certainty, peace, joy, and harmony!

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