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Lying Beliefs Blog

Most of my post are usually not political in nature; however I do find the interest that some people seem to have in Donald Trump being a prime presidential candidate for this Country quite intriguing.

People seem to be drawn to Donald Trump because they say he “speaks his mind”, as if his mind is the container that holds the truth.

See, because what he speaks of is apparently on the minds of many; this creates the ‘delusion’ that he is actually speaking the truth. Hence, “He is only saying what everyone else is thinking!”

However, in reality Donald Trump is not ‘speaking the truth’ he is only speaking our ‘minds’ language; which is FEAR! What we so-called ‘Americans’ think upon most is ‘fear’ and this is the center of Donald Trump’s campaign.

Fear is also another reason why the second amendment “Gun Control” is a sensitive and hot topic. The second amendment states: “The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed!”

Because this Country was constructed with ‘fear’ and ‘hate’ in mind; the ‘right to bear Arms’ became a ‘security’ amendment to protect certain citizens of this Country from backlash; based upon the horrible treatment they inflicted upon other human beings. Therefore, the “right to bear Arms” was created only to ‘protect another man’s fears.’ Thus, fear is the ‘main’ reason why people truly believe that Donald Trump would be an idea President to ‘trump’ our fears.

Donald Trump in his own words said; the moment he starts doing poorly in polls he’s throwing in the towel. So with that statement in mind Donald Trump is not running for President to truly serve society; he is only running for President to ‘serve his Ego!’

People need to wake up and realize that Donald Trump is really not running for President—he is only running for ‘POWER!’

See, most Americans are programmed to live their lives to worship an ‘idea’ of a Savior and this is what Donald Trump ‘subconsciously’ represents. Meaning; some human beings actually believe that Donald Trump is the ‘Man’ who will be able to save us from our fears—the same fears that we our-selves create.

We human beings are a very sad species; considering we ‘waste’ our entire lives searching for someone ‘outside of us’—to save us!