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Lying Beliefs Blog

I have very important question to impose upon you: Do you believe we human beings live an unconscious life?

Now the reason why ask this specific question is because it seems as if most Spiritual Teachers believe we do.

But here’s the truth; although we do not technically live unconsciously, we are unconscious of why we do, what we do.

In other words, we do not live an unconscious life; we more so live a ‘Subconscious Life!’ Which means; we ‘only’ live by and rely upon the concepts that we identify with, that exist within subconscious minds.

Therefore, we really do not suffer from a state of unconsciousness, but more from a state of ‘Being’ unaware. Thus, we souls are unaware of the fact that we ‘robotically’ live our lives according to the man-made concepts that we believe define our reality.

See, what is crucial to our current existence, as well as to our future survival, is we must realize if we never gain full control of our awareness then we will never gain dominion of our lives.

Please understand our devilish behavior is not a product of our Godly nature. Our disorderly conduct is a byproduct of our diabolical man-made conditioning that has distorted our perception of our ‘true nature.’ Thus, it is only our man-made conditioning that makes us function and see our ‘selves’ and life the way we do.

Therefore; don’t ‘Believe’ everything you ‘Think!’

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