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Lying Beliefs Blog

Do you know how much power rest within ‘OUR’ beliefs? In other words; do you realize that we ‘souls’ are not as helpless and as powerless as we have been made to believe? Do you know that what we believe forms our individual reality and what we ‘collectively’ believe forms the “world’s” reality?

Do you know that this miraculous tool that we call our subconscious mind is our “Genie in a bottle” or in other words; our Genie in a brain? Meaning; whenever our beliefs are backed by “emotional faith”, our subconscious mind says: “Your wish is my command!”

See, we souls formulate the reality that manifests itself within this world “solely/souly” based upon what we collectively believe in.

As I witness our world slowly transition to “Hell on Earth”, I can’t help but sense that the vast majority of us have no earthly idea how much power lies within our beliefs; because if we did our ‘core’ belief systems would change. Considering, it is our core beliefs that are responsible for transitioning this Heavenly planet into a living Hell!

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