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Lying Beliefs Blog

If we take the time to ‘unplug’ from the make-believe world that exist within our minds and ‘plug’ our awareness into this vast Solar System that grants life to our planet; we would then realize how special and unique we are to this magnificent Universe.

It seems as if we fail to realize that this Planet that we call Earth exist in ‘OUTER SPACE’ and it is only the gravitational embrace from God’s Sun that maintains our Planet’s existence.

We also fail to understand that the Solar System is not defined by the planets that rotate around God’s Sun. Meaning; the ‘Sun of God’ itself defines the Solar system, considering by mass, it represents 99.86% of the Solar System.

We human beings need to realize that the energy of life is indeed a divine privilege. We can speculate all we want; however there is only one thing that we know for certain and that is:

Out of all the planets that exist within this divine solar system, Earth seems to be the only one that exudes the sacred energy of life.

Which means; this Universe has chosen Earth to be the sacred planet to manifest itself as a ‘physical’ form of life.

We human beings have all been ‘conditioned’ to perceive this sacred planet as Hell! Therefore, Hell is indeed our reality!!!

We are so consumed by this man-made idea of “Hell on Earth” that it strips us of our divinity and robs this planet of its true beauty.

It also seems that our ‘obedience’ to this man-made Hell concept makes us perceive this planet as a world that rest on solid ground, and beneath the surface of Earth ‘lies’ Hell and above Earth is the sanctuary of Heaven. Thus in reality, there is really no ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ there is just space all around!

See, once we awaken to the fact that it is the sacred energy of God’s ‘immortal Sun’ that defines us and not our ‘mortal form’, we will cease judging another human being by his or her human cover. And we will then be able to see beyond our man-made facades and acknowledge that we are all ‘uniquely the same.’

We are all ‘unique’ Beings that are one with the ‘same’ divine conscious energy that stems from God’s Sun. This marvelous understanding will cure our man-made ‘myopia’ and allow us to ‘envision’ that we are all ‘stitched’ together by the same universal thread–which is LOVE!

And once we recognize that we are all linked to the same ‘loving family’; this degree of knowing will then manifest into ‘one love’, which also translates into ‘SOULOVE!’

Therefore, awakening to our true divine nature will aide us to realize; that in ‘Spiritual’ essence we are:

Solar Beings living life as
One adjoined to God’s only Sun
United Solely through its

So, for a true peace of mind, let’s all ‘lighten’ up and let the love that defines us shine. Because when we are all united as ‘ONE’ only then will we ‘light’ up and become a true ‘Wholly’ symbol of God’s Sun!

One Love!

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