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Lying Beliefs Blog

As they say, “There is nothing to fear, except fear itself.” So, do we fear our beliefs because what we fear seems real?

Well if so, here is why:

Although the majority of our beliefs are suspicious, it is simply the way they make us feel that makes us believe that they are real.

This is how it works. Depending on how intense we feel about a certain belief, the outcome of this feeling will determine the reality of our belief. The more we accept a belief as being true, the more likely we will feel that our belief is surely valid. Hence, the more powerful our belief is, the more potent our feeling will be towards thinking that our belief is indeed bona fide.

Some spiritual gurus may say that our beliefs are illusions. Even though most of our beliefs are contrived, the truth of the matter is whether they are distorted or not, they still form our reality. The unfortunate moral to this sad story is that because we live our entire lives relying on man-made beliefs, these beliefs have led us astray. Since we have allowed man’s questionable beliefs to misguide us, we have in turn collectively created a reality that resembles a “lost world.”

Although the bulk of our beliefs may be delusional, each belief has been leveraged to construct this ‘biased’ world that we live in. What we subjectively see is an imaginary portrait that has been painted by our tainted beliefs and which portrays our troublesome reality. In other words, each hallucinatory manifestation of a disturbing belief is a byproduct of our tarnished imagination.