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Lying Beliefs Blog

How can we find Holiness or ‘Wholeness’ if we have been conditioned be BROKEN? How can Religion be the personification of truth; if we still seek answers? How can we exude “Unconditional Love” if we have been ‘conditioned’ to Fear?

We human beings by nature are born to love; however the world has conditioned us to ‘fear’, which in turn suppresses our true nature. Love is the true light of this world and it is only ‘fear’ that creates our darkness.

This dreadful emotion that we call fear disrupts everything! It has even found its way into Spirituality and has ‘transformed’ Spirituality into different forms of religion.

Whether we choose to accept this fact or not; Religion is a systematic ‘cancer’ that has plagued this entire world for centuries. And I say this, because history proves and confirms it!

There is absolutely no other organization on the face of this planet that is more ‘self’ destructive then organized religion.

However, there is a question that is often asked and that is: what is the difference between Religion and Spirituality? Well, in my opinion here’s the ultimate difference:

In the history of humanity there has ‘NEVER’ been a ‘WAR’ in the name of Spirituality!

Why? Because LOVE is synonymous with Spirituality and FEAR is the face of Religion!

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