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Lying Beliefs Blog

Although I have my sincere issues with Religion, by no means is my issue with the core of Religion, it’s only with the ‘make-believe’ stories.

The problem is we human beings ‘subconsciously’ live only for the ‘male’ stories that represent this Universe and not in accordance with scripture; which is why we are not in accord with this Universe.

The truth is most Religious believers have more ‘faith’ in a fictional ‘heart-wrenching’ story of this Universe, than they actually have in the ‘heartfelt’ message that resides within the scripture.

Hence, Jesus the enlightened or ‘conscious’ messenger said: “Find FULLNESS in LIFE!”

This translates to mean; grant the ‘present moment’ your ‘FULL’ attention and you will experience the ‘Fullness of Life!’ Thus, the present moment is the only moment that you will ever experience the true energy of life in it’s purest essence.

The problem with the common Religious believer today is they focus all of their attention on ‘worshiping’ an idea of this Universe in the form of a ritual; which prevents them from experiencing this Universe in the form of reality.

And the only reason why we grant more attention to the ‘fear’ that lives in the story, than to the ‘love’ that is spoken in the scripture is because without believing in the story we ‘fear’ that there is no hope.

However, what we fail to understand is that having a ‘self-centered’ idea of this Universe is indeed a ‘hopeless idea.’

See, the human psyche is ‘hell-bent’ on ‘believing’ in something—which is why the ‘soul’ of who we are is left with ‘knowing’ nothing!