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Lying Beliefs Blog
Well despite what most believe, we are really not fighting for our beliefs. Thus, I challenge any human being to share with me one belief, that they fight for; in which they themselves originated. Chances are you won’t be able to find one. Why? Because our minds predominantly contain only the beliefs of others.

We human beings pray ‘religiously’ to a religious idea of this Universe in hopes that this ambiguous male figure will come back one day and save us from our ‘Selves’; not realizing that this ‘self’-serving belief will never come to fruition. Why? Because every single second of our lives we FIGHT only to protect our ‘selves.’

What we do not realize is that fighting for what we have been ‘taught’ to believe in is essentially fighting to maintain our ‘self’ identity and through fighting to defend our ‘selves’ WE suffer grave consequences.

Here’s the truth, fighting to maintain your self-identity through defending conditioned beliefs only keeps the real essence of you at a distance. However, questioning what you have been conditioned to believe in is the one and only thing that will ever be able to save you!