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Lying Beliefs Blog

In my opinion there are three core concepts that construct our troublesome reality and they are our man-made concepts of Self, Life, and God.

Now, allow me to explain why I consider these three core concepts so detrimental to our overall well ‘Being.’

See, the reason I classify these concepts as our “core beliefs” is because from my perception these are the primary concepts that we seem to ‘blindly’ live by.

So, please allow me to clarify why I say this. See, in my opinion all other beliefs are truly harmless in comparison to our core beliefs; therefore, please allow me to reiterate that my objective is not to have anyone abandon everything they have chosen to believe in, just the beliefs that undermines and dishonors them.

With this being said, please permit me this moment to elaborate as to why I perceive these three “core concepts” as dishonorable:

1) “Thy Self” is a man-made concept that is solely based upon the ‘physical body’ of one’s soul. This ‘Self’-assigned image is primarily based upon the physical attributes of the form, as well as, the cultural characteristics. And we are conditioned to oblige these man-made ideas that label our physical features as if these surface based features define who we are. Hence, this is why we perceive each other so differently. Thus, the ‘soul’ of who we are will never discover ‘Its’ true identity and be free; if Its awareness remains trapped within this divisive ‘Self’-made prison. Please know by protecting our ‘Selves’; we in turn refuse to ‘know’ who we are.

2) “Man’s version of Life” is a concept that is confrontational, confusing, and constricting. Man’s version of life is a struggle and it is creates more pain than pleasure; more sorrow than joy; more worry than freedom; and more ‘fear’ than love.

3) “Man’s version of God” is extremely ‘Self’-serving and does not want us to believe that we are associated with ‘His’ divine nature. In other words; Man’s version of God seems to insinuate that we are more of a child of ‘Satan’, than we are of His; considering we are constantly being reminded that we are all born sinners. Therefore, in a nutshell Man’s version of God is far more ‘Frightening’ than ‘He’ is Loving!

Despite what we have been conditioned to believe, we are not born sinners; we are all born as a “bundle of JOY”; however it’s only the man-made concepts that we ‘incoherently’ live by that creates our seemingly sinful nature.

However, my question is how are we not divine and one with our Creator; if we are indeed a reflection of our Creator’s divine creation?

Thus, there is only one divine source of ‘conscious energy’ that we are all connected to and through this connection we are all united; through this connection we are all ‘innately’ the same; and through this connection we are all essentially ONE!

Hence, we are all sibling souls that are connected to the ‘Sol/Sole’ energy of our ‘ONE’ divine Creator and may we hopefully one day Awaken to recognize the true “light of life” that shines down upon us and showers us with love!

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