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Lying Beliefs Blog

God is the ‘conscious energy’ of this divine Universe that creates life within every living Being.

Now, allow me to take this moment to be crystal clear in regards to my idea of God, as I address those who may struggle with their religious beliefs and find it impossible to believe that we are all Godly Beings, or a divine reflection of God.

When I refer to the divine nature of God, I am not speaking to the ‘oppressive’ and controlling ‘subconscious’ notion that God is an Omnipotent, Supernatural Ruler of this Universe that we are not one with. So therefore, we must obey or else fear ‘His’ wrath!

Hence, this ‘male’ dictatorial version of God has never presented him ‘self’ in real form which means ‘He’ is only the Ruler of our subconscious mind. Consequently this only supports a debilitating make believe concept that man him ‘self’ has made us believe.

Thus, when I speak of our ‘oneness’ with God or this Universe, I am solely citing the ‘uplifting’ essence of God; whereas the divine energy of God’s love is what naturally defines our universal nature.

See, we human beings are all co-creators of this divine Universe. Therefore, as co-creators of this universe we are naturally one with ‘one’ Creator. Hence, I ask you what is 10% of 100? Well, regardless of what the answer is it is still a percentage of the Whole.

As co-creators of this divine Universe our mission/assignment is to collectively create the concept of Heaven on Earth; which can only be accomplished by way of living coherently through our universal nature —which is the divine power of love!