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Do you realize in truth, many of us despite what religion we worship; still find it difficult to understand God’s word.

Do you know why?

Well, the way I perceive it; our ‘selves’ has our ‘attention’ so preoccupied with trying to comprehend the incomprehensible rhetoric of Man’s word(s), that it distracts us from experiencing the true nature of God’s ‘universal’ word.

Do you know in reality that the truth about God’s word is simple; therefore not complex? Thus, it is only Man’s perplexing interpretation of God’s ‘word’ that creates chaos and confusion in this world?

See, as it appears now, ‘MAN’ has added more than just his two cents as it relates to the word of God. And with this being said, I am a true believer in God’s word—although please notice that God’s ‘word’ is NOT PLURAL!

This means—the only word of God is LOVE!

Thus in reality, the true story about God is short and sweet. The true nature of God is the “Power of Love”; End of Chapter, End of Verse, and End of Story!

Therefore, (love) is the one and only word of God that we should all live by.

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