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Lying Beliefs Blog


Do you realize because we are unaware of our divine potential we fail to tap into the glorious possibilities that are tucked away within our subconscious minds? And due to this absence of knowing, these man-made beliefs actually limit our divine power.

Hence, we human beings lack the power of love because we have in turn relinquished our free will to our man-made beliefs. Therefore, instead of us being able to ‘Will’ what we desire out of life, our man-made egos ‘Will’ what they selfishly want.

Free Will means having the freedom to do what we ‘Will’ with our subconscious mind. However, our Will can only be exhibited if we maintain control of our man-made mind.  Nonetheless, the Will Power humanity was blessed with now belongs to our man-made egos and our egos now will what they want upon us.

Our subconscious mind was assigned to be our ‘”Guardian Angel” to protect and serve us. Thus, until we awaken to our ‘universal presence’, our man-made egos will continue to police us by keeping our thoughts locked up and confined to irrelevant time (commonly referred to as the past and the future).

Humanities Free Will has been stolen by the man-made beliefs that reside within our subconscious minds; which means we all ‘pay’ a hefty price for what our minds now ‘Will’ upon us.

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