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In light of recent events; the racial ideas and concepts that activate hate and continue to plague our societies are ridiculous and quite frankly are becoming tiresome. When are we human beings going to awaken to realize that the ‘shell’ of who we are does not define anything!!! However, as long as we continue to obey and oblige these racial stereotypes that have been assigned to our physical image we will forever display our conditioned differences.

Hate is a heinous emotion that is a byproduct of our beliefs that we have been conditioned to honor and uphold. And with this being said; I am sure that it is ‘logically’ safe to say that our life’s mission as human beings is ‘NOT’ to live and ‘HATE’ one another all because our ‘external’ features just happen to be different?

We must truly sense; that as human beings, our ‘innate’ or ‘internal’ nature is to “Live and Love!!” And as divine ‘Beings’ of this planet our one and only purpose is to attempt to purposefully love one another and if we can’t sense this ‘essential’ level of understanding then we have no ‘real purpose’ for ‘being’ here!

See we human beings have yet to comprehend what defines “True Love”; considering as it appears today the nature of one’s ‘SELF-interest’ is the one and only representation of love.

Meaning: we human beings tend to only ‘love’ people who resemble our SELF-image; we seem to only ‘love’ those who have an ‘interest’ in our beliefs, or comply with our SELF-perspective.

Hence, whenever there is a lack of ‘SELF’-interest, there is usually a lack of love. i.e “I do not love you anymore!” This proclamation usually translates to mean: “I know longer find you to be interesting!”

Please know that one thing is for certain; our SELF-serving beliefs will eventually manifest into one thing and one thing only—-our SELF-destruction!

What’s ironic is any hate toward another human being initially stems from ‘YOU’ ‘Hating’ your-‘SELF!’

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