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Lying Beliefs Blog

Well, I am usually pretty good about keeping secrets. However, this one I can’t contain anymore; considering it is eating away at my core.

Our ego has a BIG SECRET that it does not want us to know. See, the more attention we give it, the more it grows.

As long as you believe what your ego tells you is true; the more ‘will power’ your ego will have over you.

As long as we are the star performers in our man-made reality show, we will never envision the ‘light’ that makes us glow.

When we plug into the electrifying fact that the soul is me; this is when our egos will have no choice but to set us free.

See, the real reason we are still trapped within the mental cell of our subconscious mind is because our ego has convinced us that life in the light of the present moment is boring. So, we have been led into the darkness instead.

However, despite what our egos have persuaded us to believe, the present moment is far from boredom; it is actually freedom. Therefore, as it is commonly said; if you want real freedom, then you must “get out of your head!”

We human beings must face the fact that we spend the bulk of our lives inside of our heads. And despite what we may believe, the attention that we uncontrollably lend to the man-made mayhem that occupies our subconscious mind is not normal.

Thus, as it relates to the Universal lifeline of all other living species; we human beings, based upon our behavior, are the most abnormal species ever to exist.

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