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Lying Beliefs Blog

Unfortunately, it is the ever growing incidents which are similar to the Orlando shooting that keep me ‘inspired’ to share my message and do what I do for the sake of ALL humanity.

What recently happened in Orlando needless to say is very disturbing. This mental condition that possesses the soul of an individual, which makes them perceive life in a detrimental way is severely dangerous, not just to us so-called Americans, but to humanity as a whole. Fact: It is only the individual ideas and beliefs that we choose to support that reinforce our peculiar behavior.

Of course politics should not even play a role in what happen in Orlando, considering our political beliefs had absolutely nothing to do with what happened. What took place in Orlando stems from humanity’s ‘CORE’ belief which is “RELIGION!”

However, in the light of politics, what I do find interesting is that Donald Trump has the audacity to question why the President does not outwardly show ‘Anger’ in regards to these Terror attacks as if an act of Anger is the solution to this problem. What Trump does not seem to understand is that unleashing your Ego in order to battle another Man’s Ego is not the ingredient for peace and prosperity; but only a recipe for disaster!

Trump’s bias mind makes him think that the remedy for eradicating Terrorism is through focusing our full attention on specific Terrorist groups. He seems to believe that we ‘simply’ need to work towards eliminating this group of Terrorist thugs that we call ISIS. However, his Ego is so enormous that he fails to recognize and comprehend that ISIS is really bigger than any group, because it actually represents a ‘Goliath’ idea.

See, ISIS is an embodiment of a group of people that worship and are ‘possessed’ by a ‘distorted’ idea of Islam that has been deeply ingrained into the psyche of these individuals. Therefore, the only way we can ever defeat this enemy that we call ISIS is through destroying the ‘deadly’ idea that manifests itself through their diabolical behavior.

So, speaking of our man-made ideas, why don’t we take this moment and address the ideas/beliefs that we ALL worship, especially as it relates to our religious ideas of this Universe.

Please know any religious idea of this Universe that you have been persuaded to give your sacred ‘life’ to, regardless if you believe that this religious idea is good or bad is nothing more than a “conditioned truth.” And quite honestly, it does not matter how real ‘your mind’ makes this idea feel, because in truth it is only a fabricated man-made idea that man him-SELF has created to represent this Universe in his own ‘selfish’ image.

As long as we human beings continue to fight for the “conditioned truths” that live ‘only’ in our minds we will never destroy what we ‘perceive’ to be the enemy. Meaning, we human beings need to immediately WAKE UP and realize that the man-made ideas and beliefs that we have been conditioned to honor actually represents the ENEMY!

Thus, this enemy does not live outside of us–it lives within us! And despite what we have been conditioned to believe, this enemy does not live in our hearts, it lives and grows only in our minds.

This so-called enemy actually conceals itself in our minds and it hides within our beliefs. And because we are oblivious to this knowing, we inadvertently protect the enemy, through defending what we have been ‘conditioned’ to believe in; which means in reality we are the ‘creators’ of our own worst enemy!

It is only the beliefs that we live by that grants our ‘SELF’ controlling mind the power to force ‘US’ into doing things that seem to be out of our control; which is why we have no ‘Self-Control.’ See, our man-made idea of ‘self’ represents the enemy. Every single day most of humanity battles with the enemy inside and in most cases the enemy prevails.

Therefore, please STOP FIGHTING for what you have been conditioned to believe in, because in truth it is really a “man-made idea” that is really not worth fighting for.

We all need to STOP FIGHTING for the “Religious Names and IDEAS” that Man has assigned to this Universe and starting fighting in the NAME OF LOVE! In other words, we lost souls need to stop fighting in the name of FEAR and HATRED.

We all need to shift our attention outside of our minds, in order to sense that deep down inside we all yearn for the same ‘universal’ feelings of love, peace, and happiness. This is what makes each and every human being “universally the same.” And we also desperately need to realize with all of ‘Heart’ that it is ‘only’ the man-made beliefs that dwell within our minds that we lend our ‘full attention’ to and worship that makes us ‘perceive’ one another so differently.

It is becoming blatantly obvious that time is running out and if we human beings do not AWAKEN to clearly understand that the human brain/subconscious mind is merely the producer of perception and NOT the originator of truth, then we will ALL perish by way of defending the man-made ‘LIES’ that lie within our minds.
So, if we never find the ‘courage’ to combat these “conditioned truths” that our minds produces and ‘encourages’ us to act upon; then under NO condition will our lives or our reality ever change.