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Lying Beliefs Blog


The ‘soul’ purpose of what I do is to make an attempt to chip away at one’s subconscious mind in order to have the ‘light’ of this ‘divine’ Universe seep in. My goal is to help guide those human beings who are seeking sensible and realistic answers to life to look beyond what they have been ingrained to believe to be true.

Therefore, in my opinion; as a first step toward sensing who we really are, we really need to ‘consciously’ comprehend the following:

The Mind (the conceiver), The Body (the receiver), and The Soul (the perceiver) are what represents the entire aspect of a human being. In other words; we human beings are completely ‘assembled’ by the mind, body, and soul. Hence, this sacred ‘Trinity’ is what symbolizes us as a ‘WHOLE!’

However, as it appears to stand today; we human beings believe based upon our concept of ‘Self’ that we ‘stand-alone’ from the soul.

Because we have all bought into the man-made concepts of; “I AM” White, “I AM” Black, “I AM” Hispanic, “I AM” Asian, etc… This level of thinking begins to establish and embed a false impression of who we ‘believe’ we are.

The incredible power of these two words “I AM”, constructs a reality that makes ‘us’ the ‘souls’ believe that these man-made references actually defines who we are; which in turn enforces an obligation to honor the notion of “I AM” only a representation of my assigned man-made race!

For an example:

“I AM” a Black Man, and as a black man “I AM” defined only by my race and my culture. Therefore, by way of my man-made ‘SELF’ identity, ‘My’ body and ‘My’ mind are the only two aspects of the sacred trinity: “Mind, Body, and Soul” that represent who “I AM” as a human being. Which means—‘My’ soul is separate from who “I AM!”

However, the most ‘CRUCIAL’ misconception that we make as human beings is not believing that we have a Mind and a Body—but believing that we ‘HAVE’ a ‘SOUL’ versus realizing that the ‘SOUL’ is the most essential part of who we are! Which means—it is only the ‘Soul’ that essentially defines us!

Thus, without the ‘Soul’ consciously chauffeuring the ‘Mind’; the Mind ‘ALONE’ will subconsciously drive the Body out of control. Until, YOU the SOUL take control of the wheel of your life, your Mind will continue to drive ‘YOU’ crazy!

No one arrived here with one belief in mind; which means we are all born defined by ‘Being’ divine. Please know protecting Man’s beliefs, means you are only protecting a ‘shallow’ version of who you are; however the more energy you exude to protect your man-made self image, this negative power in turn diminishes the sacred ‘positive’ power of ‘YOU’ the SOUL!

Although, when you awaken to realize that “NO MAN-MADE BELIEF” actually defines you and that it only defines what you have experienced as a soul. This is when YOU the SOUL will finally experience the true power of those two words “I AM” —by saying “I AM” FREE!!

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