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Love is the key ingredient to a joyful life. Love is essential to peace and harmony. Love is the only route to freedom. Love knows no indifference, because Love sees no difference. Love is what defines all, because ALL is indeed love.

Hence, LOVE is the substance or energy that unites us all and this my friends is not philosophy; this is a simple a fact!

Example: Although we may not find interest in the same things; the ‘divine’ emotion that support our interests is indeed the same.

Meaning: Whether you enjoy swimming, running, dancing, reading, sky diving, etc… The ‘fact’ of the matter is, regardless of your desired hobby; we do what we do, in the name of love.

If there is one common ‘DENOMINATOR’ that exist within all of humanity that would be love. This key characteristic is what makes us all the same. Thus, this is why it is said that LOVE is the universal essence that we are all made of!

When you realize that your true nature is love; you will no longer abide by any man-made concepts.

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