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Lying Beliefs Blog

Hey, do you remember when the late great John Lennon sang “Imagine”?

Well imagine on a sacred sunny day we awaken to a ‘Whole’ New World where our primary focus is no longer about just being egotistical humans, but on ‘Being’ loving human beings.

Imagine if our man-made ‘garbage’, which was holding us back as well as weighing us down, was ‘trashed’ upon the completion of our ‘soulful’ discovery.

Now imagine we are free of all excessive man-made baggage and we are now transporting a light carry-on container filled with nothing more than our ‘Godly possession’, which is now an updated and newly reformatted subconscious mind.

Imagine upon our arrival to a better understanding we all adhered to the same mission statement.

Imagine we all possessed the same code of conduct as well as the same code of ethics.

Imagine we all genuinely loved one another, considering we know that we all shared the same Universal ‘Soul’ and we were all striving to achieve the same common goal.

Imagine if we had everything that we needed in abundance and therefore we wanted for nothing.

Through behaving less like egotistical humans and more like ‘Wholly’ human beings our imaginations can become our reality!

If our new and improved subconscious minds ‘automatically’ made us exude the essence of ‘God’s Love’ there would be no further room for any man-made rhetoric to affect our psyche in regards to our former ‘Self.’

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