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Lying Beliefs Blog

Most of humanity struggles with their past experiences. And from my perspective, the primary reason why we seem to wrestle with our past, is because it seems as if we are trying to ‘change’ how we ‘feel’ about it.

Well let’s face it; no matter how hard we try, we will never possess the ‘power’ to be able to change our past experiences; however we do have “all the power in the world” to ‘choose’ how we ‘feel’ about the present moment.

Which means: we can either continue to live a frustrating and painful life by way of trying to change the ‘impossible’—-which is our past; or simply learn from it and then ‘Let it go and move on!’

See what we human beings fail to realize is that our ‘Power’ only lives in the ‘NOW!’ Therefore, ‘now’ is the time for us all to start working toward creating the ‘feeling’ of a “brighter tomorrow.”

Hence, what the above really translates to mean—is there is ‘literally’ no time like the ‘Present!’

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