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Lying Beliefs Blog

Did you know in the beginning, every human being is born pure in mind, pure in body, and pure in soul?

Pure in Mind means in the beginning our subconscious mind is pure. Considering, our subconscious mind has yet to be tarnished by man-made concepts. However, the moment our subconscious mind embraces man’s ‘belittling’ notions of Self, Life, and God our subconscious mind becomes tainted. And once our thoughts proceed to dwell upon these ‘depreciating’ assumptions our thoughts are converted into sinful feelings, which is why we are all said to be born sinners.

Pure in Body means our human form at birth is filled with the ‘divine’ essence of ‘love.’ However, after years of having relentless thoughts of ‘fear’ and ‘worry’ our human form becomes weak and weary.

Pure in Soul means since we all share the spiritual nature of this universe we will always be deemed as pure in soul or pure in spirit.

I state the above to say that shortly after the pure essence of who we are is introduced to Mother Earth, something dreadful begins to take place. A mental virus begins to establish itself within the psyche of our subconscious mind through a plethora of ‘questionable’ influences, which then proceed to erase any real idea of who we are.

This questionable information begins to affect our subconscious mind and eventually gives birth to ‘beliefs’ that ‘religiously lie’ to us.

These ‘lying beliefs’ are similar to a body snatcher, because they suck the life out of our human forms and begin to take ‘full’ control of our lives. We are transformed into human zombies; which means we are deprived of our controlled consciousness and true self-awareness, only able to respond to our surrounding stimuli.