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In my opinion some Scientists, Philosophers, and Physicists all have a minuscule perception of consciousness.

Meaning; these intelligent individuals all fall short of effectively explaining consciousness, because they believe that consciousness can only be defined by ‘measuring’ one’s awareness.They only believe that consciousness is apparent once an individual recognizes their ‘physical’ form or in other words; once someone ‘visually’ perceives the physical reflection of their ‘Self.’

However, the irony is, our ‘consciousness’ can never be truly measured until we become aware of the ‘soul’ of who we are. Thus, consciousness can never be measured by what we ‘see’; it can only be measured by what we ‘sense.’

So, with this stated, what actually defines consciousness?

Consciousness as we presently perceive it is the state of being completely coherent. Consciousness is grasping the present moment with our undivided attention and fully experiencing it with all of our physical senses.

In my opinion the true nature of consciousness is more than just being aware of the present moment. Consciousness is the divine energy of this universe. Consciousness is what defines and brings true meaning to life. Consciousness is a universal energy that is ‘perpetual’ and ‘eternal.’ Consciousness is the life, the light, and the ‘truth’ that defines our reality.

Thus, in truth, Man will never be able to measure the ‘incorporeal’ nature of consciousness, because in ‘reality’—this ‘Universal’ phenomenon is infinite!

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