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We have all been programmed to believe that the mysterious nature of consciousness will never be simply explained by common man. Well, consider me to be as ‘uncommon’ as they come.

As long as we accept this belief that consciousness will always be a mystery, then it will forever be a mystery. Well, I have ‘Willed’ myself to believe otherwise.

Now with this being said, please know that I do not proclaim to be an ‘expert’ on the subject matter of consciousness, I just proclaim to know what I know. And for those who say they are a (SME) or Subject Matter Expert on the topic of consciousness, please know their expertise does not rely upon them knowing; it just ‘lies’ upon them ‘thinking’ that they know.

Here’s what I mean: If you proclaim to be an expert at anything and you cannot ‘simply’ explain your ‘expert’ opinion; then you do not ‘completely’ understand what you proclaim to know.

As it stands now; the mass majority of humanity believes that the ‘non-physical conscious mind’ is associated with the ‘physical’ brain. And if we believe that something so ‘substantial’ as consciousness stems from this tangible tool that we call a brain; then should we really wonder why we have no control of our lives?

Thus, if our brains are responsible for ‘producing’ everything, including the intangible nature of ‘OUR’ consciousness; then what is our ‘subjective’ purpose in life?

In other words, if we believe that our brains have been assigned to ‘automatically’ govern our lives and our brains have been deemed responsible for everything that we do, then what purpose do we even serve. Furthermore, if we believe that this tool is not constructed to ‘assist’ us, but was created to own us; then what are we really responsible for?

We must come to comprehend that we are not designed to be ‘robots’; however until we sense our intangible nature we will always be our brain’s puppet!

Considering, if we continue to believe our brains define who we are and are responsible for everything that we do; then our brains will be the tool that will ‘robotic-ally’ destroy us!

See, until we awaken to realize that we are the ‘Souls’ that are responsible for exuding our ‘OWN’ consciousness; we will never be responsible for our own lives.

Hence, we will forever be ‘irresponsible’ Beings!

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