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Inquiring minds may want to know: Can we really be conscious without a brain?

Well, the real question should be: Are we really ‘conscious’ with a brain?

The brain is a miraculous machine that allows the ‘soul’ of who we are to be ‘physically aware’ of the present moment via our physical senses.

It seems, based upon all the attention that we grant to our brain through believing that it is the ‘gate keeper’ for our consciousness, this presumption robs us human beings of our true conscious potential.

In my opinion, consciousness is a clear indicator that we human beings are alive.

Hence, we can’t be ‘lifeless’ yet conscious. Our brain development seems to rely on an adequate supply of stimulating consciousness.

We human beings tend to believe that being conscious is simply the state of being aware of man-made concepts that we have learned which grants us the honor of being the only conscious species that exist on this planet. To the contrary, it is our ‘sub-conscious’ awareness that is fixated on man-made concepts and ideas, that makes us ‘unconscious’ or ‘unaware’ of what is really ‘real.’

Meaning, we have yet to encounter who we ‘really’ are, and we have yet to experience the ‘real’ meaning of life; because it is only the regurgitated concepts and ideas of others which fill our subconscious mind that provide us with what see and believe.

We also seem to think because we are able to ‘visually’ perceive the physical world and form concepts from what we see; this ability to view the world stems from our brain, thus creating our consciousness.

So, the next question should be: Is a ‘blind man’ really conscious?

Well in truth a blind man is more conscious and aware of real life and his real nature than a man who sees.

Although, the human brain is the most amazing tool bestowed upon humanity, I am not sold on the idea that it is responsible for producing our consciousness. From a true conscious perspective it appears that our brain is what I would refer to as a “concept keeper.” Meaning the brain is a warehouse which stores our conscious input and then serves as an outlet for all the concepts, ideas, beliefs, and memories that we as conscious ‘Beings’ think upon and live by.

However, to further define the nature of consciousness, because we human beings have a narrow perspective of what defines the nature of consciousness; this limited awareness is what also minimizes our perception of what truly defines the authentic nature of ‘life’ or ‘reality.’

We human beings are unknowingly loyal to certain words and their presumed meaning, such as the word ‘unconscious.’ Hence, the moment we hear the word ‘unconscious’; this automatically triggers the belief that a person is ‘completely without consciousness.’ But, this is not necessarily the case. When a person is deemed as being unconscious; this simply means that they are ‘temporarily’ unaware of the present moment.

In other words, like clockwork, during certain times of the day our brain shuts down our physical senses which makes us unable to sense or be aware of the present moment. However, ‘as long as we are alive and breathing’ the sacred energy of consciousness is always ‘present.’ Thus, even as we sleep, our body’s built-in automatic breathing mechanism ensures that our brain receives the essential energy that ‘It’ needs in order to function, which I have deemed as the “energy of consciousness.” But of course, according to man’s definition; this energy is only defined by a scientific name known as ‘oxygen.’

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