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Lying Beliefs Blog

Do you know that it is our disturbing beliefs that create our presumed ‘Devilish’ nature?

Although I personally do not believe in the ‘man-made’ concept of a Devil, I thought this “Rock” solid quote was funny as……. 🙂

In my opinion, I do not believe that there is a mysterious monster called a ‘Devil’ that is responsible for creating our misfortune and in complete control of our thinking.

The reality is because we can’t seem to control our own awareness; we choose to believe that something more powerful is.

However, it is only the consistent attention that we tend to lend to our ‘man-made beliefs’ that generate these ‘evil thoughts’ that result in our seemingly sinful nature that governs our ‘devilish actions.’

In other words, the concept of a Devil lives only within the details of our ‘man-made beliefs’ and this is why some believe that there is a mystical Devil that currently governs our world.

If we do not eventually snap out of this ‘man-made hell spell’ and take ‘conscious charge’ of our own lives, we will continue to allow questionable concepts to control our thinking, which will in turn continue to promote our ‘devilish behavior.’

Please know that there is ‘not one belief’ that defines a human being; however, it is only the nature and magnitude of certain beliefs that we automatically oblige and live by that begins to manipulate our divine nature into a more devilish one.

We will never be free from our mental hell cell, until we are free from our own false thoughts!

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