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Lying Beliefs Blog

We human beings are a very complex species and it seems that our complexity contributes to our dysfunctional behavior.

However, what I find most interesting about our human conditioning is that we refuse to take any responsibility for what we do. And we seem to conjure up an excuse for everything, regardless of how ridiculous the excuse may appear. Each and every one of us never takes the blame for anything; which means no one ever points a finger at the person in the mirror.

To elaborate on the above, in regards to us using ludicrous excuses to excuse us from our ‘OWN’ behavior; here are a couple of the most absurd excuses commonly used by us human beings:

“My heart is responsible for my behavior!”
“My heart is wicked!”

We human beings should ‘consciously’ evaluate certain ‘subconscious’ statements? In other words, do we truly believe that a ‘physical’ organ is responsible for ‘OUR’ intangible personality and our behavior?

I find our psychological conditioning comical, yet frightening!

This special organ that we call a ‘heart’ was designed for us to ‘coherently’ plug into the pure energy of life that exist in the present moment. Feeling and ‘connecting’ with the true energy of life that lives within all forms of nature is how our hearts are supposed to be used. And if you use your heart in order to ‘sense’ life in this manner, you will certainly experience an exhilarating feeling like no other. However, let’s be real; this is not how we have been conditioned to experience life at all.

Our attention is constantly vacuumed into our minds and this is where we spend the bulk of our lives. And in this dark domain is where we experience ‘make-believe’ ideas, concepts, stories, etc… that we have been conditioned to believe and live by. Thus, as we think upon the ill reality that lives within our minds, these thoughts in turn send signals to our hearts, which makes our hearts bestow upon our bodies the feelings of depression, stress, turmoil, etc….

So please understand this; your heart is only ‘tainted’ by what your mind makes you BELIEVE!

Therefore, please know that a slight shift in your awareness can illuminate your heart and create a ‘divine’ shift in how you feel!

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