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I am the only individual who has come up with the following theory that I am about to share with you. There is no known scientist, philosopher, physicist, physician, spiritual teacher, astronomer, astronaut etc… that has unveil a more ‘rational’ explanation for an age old esoteric unknown—called ‘consciousness.’

See, our minds only contain a limited definition of what is consciousness. We believe that we are only conscious when we are awake and aware. However, did you know that even as we sleep, we are still conscious? While we are sleeping we are not actually unconscious or “without consciousness”; we only temporarily unaware of what is transpiring in the present moment. Here is what I am really trying to say; conscious is so much more than just simply ‘being’ aware, it is the ‘electro-magnetic’ energy of this Universe!

I consider myself a “New World” Philosopher and my primary focus is on utilizing existing scientific evidence that has been proven to be true and then blend this factual information with enduring philosophical reasoning that ‘intuitively feels’ right. This factual scientific data and these philosophical truths should only be leveraged to go beyond ‘common thought’ in order to reveal a new way of thinking. Thus, modern day philosophy should be used as an ‘enlightening’ platform that inspires NEW thought! See, those of us who are in pursuit of ‘true enlightenment’ are seeking unique, refreshing, and ‘sensible’ ideas.

Now with all this being said, please allow me to share with you my simple and yet in my opinion brilliant theory as it relates to the origin and the home of what we human beings call consciousness:

Do you know that Living Cells are ‘electromagnetic’ units? In other words, do you realize that all cells within the human body are “lifeless” without electromagnetic energy?

There are three molecular forms of Oxygen that comprise the Earth’s Ozone layer and it is essentially this ‘conscious generating’ element, which absorbs the ‘electromagnetic’ energy that is radiated by the SUN that we ultimately consume, that creates ‘living cells’ within our physical body. Therefore, every cell within any physical form, including the ‘mysterious sinoatrial node’, is technically dead without the ‘life giving’ element that we call OXYGEN! Hence, it is only through our absorption of oxygen, which contains electromagnetic energy that brings a dead cell to life; which theoretically says to me that the “universal nature of consciousness” is merely defined by “electromagnetic energy.”

We all know that our ‘thoughts’ are defined by electromagnetic energy and our thoughts are ‘presumably’ generated from our conscious mind; however this so called conscious mind has yet to be scientifically proven. And do you know why scientist struggle with discovering what we call a conscious mind? Well, in my opinion is because we don’t have one!

Thus, YOU as a bodiless conscious ‘Being’ of this ‘Solar System’ or of El Sol’s System is the SOUL source of conscious energy that is the conscious observer within your human form.

Though the brain does emit electromagnetic energy, please keep in mind in order for the brain to emit this energy, it must first receive it. Hence, this ‘essential energy’ stems from one ‘universal’ source of energy and that is from this Universe’s ONE SUN!

Do you know why our brain ‘automatically’ controls the human body to inhale the energy of this universe? Well, because our brain relies on the SUN’s conscious energy in order to function and survive. Which ultimately means there is NO WAY our brain exudes the energy of consciousness, because there is absolutely nothing in this world that can produce something that IT essentially needs.

In summary, my unique and uncommon theory on consciousness is this: The real nature of consciousness is defined by ‘electromagnetic energy’, which every living species that inhabits this sacred planet receives by way of Oxygen, which fundamentally stems from the Universe’s Sun.

‘Einstein’ has shown us that the most long-standing theories may be open to drastic improvement. Therefore, the caveat is, we must be able to open and expand our minds to any plausible theory, even if our current state of mind makes it appear to be radical. Open criticism is the lifeblood of progress, as it relates to both science and cultures at large.

Cease ‘Being’ SELF-contained!

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