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Lying Beliefs Blog

We human beings need to wake up and see the genuine nature of life for what it truly is. The true beauty of life has NO COLOR, NO shape, nor form. The universal energy of life that stems from this Universe is formless and is essential to our existence.

In truth there is no such thing as “Black Life” or “White Life”, there is just simply ‘UNIVERSAL’ life. No one’s human shell represents who they really are. In other words our DNA is not the key to life—life is actually the key energy that activates our DNA. Thus, life is the ‘key’ to everything!

What we human beings fail to realize is that we are NOT ONLY HUMAN, we are authentically defined ONLY by the energy of life.
However, these man-made ideas and labels that we live by and allow to redefine our lives are slowly destroying us.

Every ‘living’ organism on this planet is defined by the exact same ‘conscious’ energy that is called ‘LIFE.’ Meaning the ‘eternal’ energy of life that stems from the Sol/SUN of this Universe defines YOU, defines me, defines a bird, and defines a tree. It is only the energy of Life that defines everything. It is only the man-made labels that we adhere to, that makes us believe that every form of life is different.

Until we make a ‘conscious’ effort toward realizing that it is only the sacred energy of life that defines us all, we will never be able to see our own reflection in another living Being!

Please know we are only defined by the Air we breathe. This Air that we cannot ‘live’ without contains the true essence of who we are. The Air we breathe is much more than the scientific name that it has been given. The Air we breathe is simply the “sacred energy of life” that radiates from the Sol/SUN of this Universe, which defines US ALL as living breathing Sols/Souls of this divine Universe.

It is only the darkness that ‘lives’ within our minds that cast out that “Light of Life” that defines the true energy of who we are.

We will never be able to envision the sacred truth that lives within us, as long as we continue to be self-controlled by the lies that ‘rule’ our minds.

Insight is having the ability to take a deep conscious look in the mirror and then realize that your human form does not reflect the True You; which is the “Soul Energy of Life.”

It is so hard to see the light, when we spend every wakening moment living in our minds darkness.