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Lying Beliefs Blog

I know that certain emotions such as: Fear, Hate, Depression, Anxiety, etc… have all been labeled as negative emotions. However, what if I were to tell you that in truth, there is no so such thing as “negative emotions?”

These ill labeled emotions that we lend SOOOOO much of our attention to are in reality emotional signals or in other words—-“MESSENGERS!”

See, these so called “negative emotions” actually relays a signal or a message that something is terribly wrong with our perception. Which means; we need change our perception or our state of thinking, in order to ‘transform’ these negative emotions into a ‘feeling’ that is more in harmony with our nature.

Thus, with this being said, we should first start with changing how we ‘feel’ or perceive what has been deemed as a “negative emotion” and begin to visualize these emotions as warning signals that indicate something is horribly wrong with our level of thinking. And trust me, the very moment you begin to understand that these emotions are generate to assist you in order to redirect your thinking to achieve a better well ‘Being’, you will immediately begin to experience a better life.

Learn to change your perception in order to benefit you, and you will never be emotionally tormented again!