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Lying Beliefs Blog

Do you know why love is so sacred, so true, and so divine?

Well, that’s because the origin of love stems from one’s heart and not from one’s mind.

There are two primary emotions in this world; however there is only ‘one’ that is battling to destroy the other, and that one ‘frightened’ emotion is “FEAR!”

See Fear, fears dying; and the only way ‘Fear’ can maintain ‘Its’ existence is through making us fear everything— everything including God!

Which means; I often hear people proclaim to be “God Fearing” vs God Loving.

The way I sense it; Fear’s core objective is to destroy the ‘harmonious’ nature of “Love” or in other words; destroy the divine nature of this Universe.

See, only man-made concepts create the feeling of fear; and because we live our lives obliging these concepts, this is why we seemingly fear everything.

Please know there is a ‘HUGH’ difference between these two key emotions:

One is God made and the other is man-made.
One is the authentic nature of this universe and the other is the ill nature of man-made illusions.
One is formed by concepts and the other is a “divine feeling” that knows no concepts.

So, in a nutshell; although “FEAR” exists only to destroy “LOVE” —since love knows no fear; it ‘conquers’ all concepts.

Thus, Love is the Alpha and Omega of all emotions—in other words; “LOVE CONQUERS ALL!”

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